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JAFLAS Dr Alan Blacker & Co. 


JAFLAS - Turning Law into Justice - helping commercial, charity and marginalised clients in a charity setting with full professional services across the board.

We are the nations leading Legal Advice Service for those who are vulnerable or who work with the socially marginalised. Helping disabled individuals or charities.


We provide top-rank services to commercial clients too.  And they impact our work knowing their fees go to fund our pro bono services.

Our practice offers a wide range of consulting services for several industries not least the legal and educational.


We provide specialist legal and business advice to schools, teachers, SEN departments and anyone going into further or higher education or training as a professional.



We have a specialist

Business Reorganisation and Insolvency Service

for all types of commercial enterprise and use the best practitioners from around the UK to help restructure and save corporations from closure - saving businesses means saving jobs means saving futures.




We have a 

Specialist Benefit Appeal Unit

to help with assessing your prospects of success

making ** Mandatory Reconsideration applications **

 ** Applications out of time **

** Appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal **

** Applications for leave to appeal to the Upper Tier  Tribunal **

** Upper-tier Tribunals **

(all hearings transferred to Manchester)

Ask for help now - don't delay.

We provide an independent ombudsman and arbitration scheme as well as mediation and conciliation.

We are an approved referral agency from

The Royal British Legion and SSAFA Forces Help as well as many more.

We provide legal help, expert witnesses for assessments and court work and also developing your charity or company.

Including lawyers, benefits experts, medical experts and therapists.

We provide services on a range of pro bono, traditional and after the event funding agreements and a range of variations in between to suit your needs.

  • Medical Law and Personal Injury

  • Criminal and Civil Law

  • Police law

  • Family law

  • Disputes over wills and estates

  • Welfare benefits and tribunals

  • Education law

  • Employment law

  • Children and Child Protection

  • Special Educational Needs

  • Mental health

  • Charity law

  • Commercial law

  • Commercial dispute resolution

  • Settling estates and tax planning

  • Trusts and Probate

  • Business restructuring and insolvency

a fuller list is available below

We provide professional expert witnesses required for

  • fraud matters

  • special educational needs

  • disability matters

  • education law

  • road traffic industry

  • rail traffic industry

  • engineering 

  • emergency medical care

  • pre-hospital care

  • welfare benefit appeals

  • criminal defences

  • and many more

at Legal Aid rates.


Speciallist reporting areas


Clinical Epidemiology

Forensic psychoanalysis, pathophysiology and psychiatry.

Special educational needs and mental health.

Physical disabilities and complexes.

Health and Safety and Risk Management Reports.

We advise charities, NGO's, not for profits and commercial organisations too, where we feel we can do so ethically.

We offer a free legal advice and assistance service and help those who are the most vulnerable in society.

We provide free initial advice and in some cases, we can provide free representation and document drafting too.

We hold the Disability Confident accreditation.